Meridian Seeds Best Pedigree Seed Varieties
We're committed to providing high yielding chickpeas, field peas, spring and winter wheat, and flax along with superior personal service.
Our high yielding, long standing seed varieties from chickpeas and field peas to wheat varieties and flax are all thoroughly tested in field trials to ensure they perform well for you.
Our strong breeder relationships in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa help bring superior genetics to the global marketplace.

Quality Seeds, Locally Grown

Providing high yielding, quality chickpeas, field peas, spring wheat, winter wheat flax and other seed varieties is what we’re focused on at Meridian Seeds. As a grower owned company, we aim to be a leader in the seed industry by producing, marketing, and selling high quality seed in the U.S. and globally.

Our extensive seed trials across our service region, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, allows us to test yield and sustainability in diverse conditions and regions. This ensures the chickpeas, field peas, spring wheat, winter wheat, and flax we provide is the highest quality seed possible.

Through our shareholders, Meridian Seeds has the capacity to multiply seed stocks for each new seed variety. This maintains Meridian Seeds’ strict quality standards for seed production and guarantees only seeds developed through reputable breeding programs with clear pedigree are sold.

Meridian Seeds was formed in 2002 to meet the growing needs of the seed product marketplace in the mid-west and western U.S. Relationships with breeders from around the world allow Meridian Seeds to deliver longstanding chickpea, field pea, spring wheat, winter wheat, and flax seed varieties to today’s and tomorrow’s farmers.

Our Mission

To source and deliver a diverse product portfolio while building and maintaining strong relationships with our growers and partners. 

Our Vision

To be recognized by growers as a leader in diversified field crop seeds. 

Meridian Seeds is a grower owned company that aims to be a leader in the pedigreed seed industry.

We stand by our three pillars for success, click here to learn more.


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TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-866-282-7333      OFFICE: 701-347-9965     FAX: 701-532-3001


ANDY DRAEGER, GENERAL MANAGER                                                DIRECT PH: 701-532-3973               EMAIL:

BRAD HERTEL, MARKET DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                           DIRECT PH: 701-532-3972              EMAIL:



KATIE HEID, UPPER MIDWEST TERRITORY MANAGER                      CELL PH: 701-566-1333                 EMAIL:

TROY GERDING, CENTRAL PLAINS TERRITORY MANAGER                DIRECT PH: 701-532-3974               EMAIL:

WENDY MUCHOW, OFFICE MANAGER                                                 DIRECT PH: 701-532-3971               EMAIL:


     Pictured Left to Right: Wendy Muchow, Troy Gerding, Brad Hertel, Katie Heid, Andy Draeger, Martin Hochhalter and BranDee Johnston.