About Meridian Seeds

We strive to be the best seed company in the pedigreed seed industry.

Meridian Seeds has been providing elite, high-quality seed since 2002. We are grower-owned, and so we understand first-hand the opportunities and challenges facing farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and beyond.

Meridan Seeds Team

Our people are our promise

Meridian Seeds is owned and staffed by knowledgeable, reputable seed growers and retailers who provide personal service and agronomic advice. We care about the communities we serve because we live there. We are committed to providing the highest quality seed because we’re farmers, too. Your Meridian Seeds associate is a true business partner, dedicated to bringing you the best seed with the best margins of success. We are here to help.

Seed is all we do

Our seed draws from the best genetics available. We constantly push to find and test new varieties in order to meet the needs of the global food market. Every Meridian Seeds variety goes through vigorous trialing to ensure performance, yield potential, quality and clear pedigree. Once proven, our shareholders work to multiply seed stocks following our strict quality standards for seed production.

Our network is growing

Meridian Seeds has formed close working relationships with plant breeders worldwide, allowing us to select from the best seed varieties available. Our expanding network of seed producers, retailers and end users bring those superior genetics to you. Meridian Seeds varieties are available wherever there is a Meridian Seeds retailer doing business.

Interested in joining the Meridian Seeds network?

Contact us today. Meridian Seeds can also help with the distribution of specialized or unique seed varieties.