Edible Bean Seed

Pinto Bean Seed

Meridian Seeds sells the best in pinto bean seed varieties. Windbreaker is known for its high yield and large seed size. Medicine Hat is well-suited to narrow rows and direct harvest. SV6139GR and SV633GR have lodging resistance with excellent ratings for machine harvest. All our pinto bean seed varieties feature resistance to Bean Common Mosaic Virus and bean rust. Need pinto bean seed? Meridian Seeds has you covered.

Pinto Bean Seed Varieties


  • Great yield potential with lodging resistance
  • Upright, short vine ideal for direct harvest
  • Resistant to BCMV and bean rust race 53


  • Well-known, proven performance
  • Consistently high yields
  • Resistant to BCMV and bean rust race 53
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Katie Heid
Sales Manager
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