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Cranberry Bean Seed

If you are growing cranberry beans, you will not find a larger selection than what is offered by Meridian Seeds. Etna, an industry standard, features reliable yield performance and is known for outstanding color and quality characteristics. Newer cranberry beans, AAC Scotty and Amaranto, feature improved agronomics and yield while maintaining seed quality that the market demands.

Cranberry Seed Varieties

AAC Scotty

  • Strong yield performance in US and Canada
  • Resistant to Anthracnose races 73 and 105
  • Large seed size and excellent canning quality


  • Newest Seminis cranberry bean variety
  • Bush type suited to direct harvest
  • Resistant to BCMV


  • Well-known cranberry bean with proven performance
  • High-yielding, early maturity variety
  • Resistant to BCMV
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Katie Heid
Sales Manager
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