Meridian Seeds Staff & Board

Meridian Seeds Staff

Meridian Seeds Staff

The Meridian Seeds team is dedicated to helping your crops and your business grow. We get to know each and every associate so we understand exactly what you need for your fields. Then we cultivate partnerships with elite breeders worldwide to bring you best-fit varieties backed by solid performance and proven yield potential.

Andy Draeger

General Manager

I have the pleasure of being involved in a little bit of everything at Meridian Seeds, from working hand-in-hand with our sales team on the customer end to working with the Board of Directors to shape the direction of the company. I also have a territory and a group of customers that I manage myself.

I enjoy working at Meridian Seeds because I have a passion for agriculture as well as the industry, and I enjoy the fact that we are a smaller company. As a small company, we have the opportunity to really get to know our customers and see the positive impact we have first-hand. Meridian Seeds feel less like a business and more like a family — we’re all working toward the same goal, providing as much value to the farmer as we possibly can.

At Meridian Seeds, our number one objective is to make the farmer successful. We do that by ensuring we have exceptional varieties for product performance, end user acceptance and well-partnered breeder relationships. Our customers are never just a number in our contact list. We foster long-lasting relationships and truly understand what all stakeholders in the value chain need, both today and tomorrow.

Katie Heid

Upper Midwest Territory Manager

I work one-on-one with all of our associates in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, helping them select varieties that work best for their area and selling varieties they grow. I also assist in selecting and signing on new associates for Meridian Seeds.

The best part of my job at Meridian Seeds is getting to work with each associate individually. Being able to do this allows me to build valuable working relationships and friendships.

Meridian Seeds adds value to the farmer by providing varieties that will benefit their operations. We work hard to select the best varieties possible — we want each and every farmer to succeed.

Wendy Muchow

Office Manager

I get to do a little of this and that for Meridian Seeds, from ordering office supplies to arranging meetings. I’m the one customers hear from for order confirmations, royalties, and information needed for our inventory.

At Meridian Seeds, we’re a close-knit team that feels like family, and I enjoy that we all work together so well. Being a smaller company means we really get to know our customers. They never have to wonder who to call when they have questions.

One of our main objectives at Meridian Seeds is to make our customers happy. We want the best for our customers, and we strive to find the best quality seed from across the globe — be it protein, yield, or whatever they need. We listen to what they want and search until we find best-fit varieties for both their needs and their growing conditions.

Meridian Seeds Board of Directors

Dave Lagein


Troy Coons

Bill Edwards