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Kabuli Chickpea Seed

If you’re growing chickpeas, chances are you know our varieties. Meridian Seeds carries a blockbuster lineup of kabuli chickpea varieties that have strong yields, desirable seed quality characteristics, and improved Ascochyta resistance. CDC Orion and CDC Frontier are known throughout the industry for their quality and yield. CDC Leader leads the way in Ascochyta resistance. CDC Palmer features the unprecedented combination of excellent yield and large seed size. Meridian Seeds has been a long-standing partner for producers growing chickpeas.

Kabuli Chickpea Seed Varieties

CDC Frontier

  • Small kabuli
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Intermediate Ascochyta resistance

CDC Leader

  • Large kabuli
  • Improved Ascochyta resistance
  • Earlier maturity

CDC Orion

  • Large kabuli
  • Known widely for excellent quality
  • Reliably high yields

CDC Palmer

  • Large kabuli
  • Excellent adaptability and yield potential
  • Slightly earlier maturity than CDC Orion

New Hope

  • Bright white seed coat
  • Large size
  • Lodging resistance
  • Enhanced Ascochyta resistance
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